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News Release: Blackheath Campaign #lovebank

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For the Attention of South London press.

We Are Blackheath and Online PR UK launches a campaign on 1st February uniting local businesses in Blackheath, South London with the local community. Every day from 1st February the We Are Blackheath Facebook Page will be giving away a prize.

The #lovebank asks that folk nominate a friend to receive said prize and a winner is drawn every evening at 10pm up until Valentines Day. Up for grabs are meals for two, champagne, scented candles, flowers, tickets, beauty treatments, vouchers and more. The campaign will also be promoted via Twitter and continues the values of We Are Blackheath project aiming to create a stronger online business and residential community for the area.

More information please visit We Are Blackheath website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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Does your business speak to numerous target markets?

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Take the ‘Come Rain or Come Shine Test…

Reaching out to more than one target market can be difficult. If you have a service, product or business that can cross over world views. When I say that, I mean you may have a dry cleaning service, a taxi company, a hairdressing salon, an insurance company or you may sell a product for the home – either way you are reaching out to a varied target market and hoping that a huge cross section of people respond to what you are selling.

The old jazz standard, ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ says…

“I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you come rain or come shine
High as a mountain and deep as a river come rain or come shine
I guess when you met me it was just one of those things
But don’t ever bet me cause I’m gonna be true if you let me

You’re gonna love me like nobody’s loved me come rain or come shine
Happy together unhappy together and won’t it be fine?
Days may be cloudy or sunny
We’re in or we’re out of the money
But I’m with you always, I’m with you rain or shine.”

If we break the words down she could be slightly desperate, someone to avoid in fact. Or she could be in love and confident with it. And is she talking about a loved one, or herself? Hmmm. Food for thought.

Either way, the song is reaching out to varied target markets…The Lovers, The Cynics, The Hopeless, The Feminists…and that’s just what you need to do when creating your online presence, talking to your customers and posting on your social media channels.  This is why a strategy is so important and you can encompass the very heart of your brand over a long period of time.

If you don’t have an online strategy for your business, its time you did!