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How long should your social media posts be?

      Read this handy infographic on creating the best social media posts ever!

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How to create the perfect Meme

Memes are a great way to get a message to the masses quickly. Make them relevant, funny and timely and you just may go viral! Here’s a few that went viral last night during #imaceleb featuring #jimmybullard! …and here’s PSFKs

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Re-read your latest Facebook post now!

If you reread your latest Facebook post or promotional headline with this in mind, you could get more people excited about what you’re posting. Here are a few pointers… 1. Could you attach a photo to your post, of a

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The Past, Present & Future of the Internet via @socialmediaweek

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Sold Out…

Sold out. Yes sorry, Unfortunately there’s nothing left and the line has been discontinued. Don’t be disheartened. Don’t be scared of change Open your mind for something new and improved! Use this to rebrand, regroup and develop. It’s a positive

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What Are You Selling?…

marketing tips

…And who are you selling to?

That should be the question on every marketers mind, at all times. It actually doesn’t matter if you are selling houses or makeup, a plumber or business consultancy, what matters is how you are selling it and to whom.

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One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing by Andrea Britton

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