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Stop Wasting Money on Bad Marketing


Just like knowing where you are heading in life, it pays to know what you need for your business and you will eventually save thousands of pounds if you know the following:

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If I could bottle this feeling…


..I’d be a darn site richer than I am now. But think about it for a second.

There is something unbelievably sexy about waiting for someone on a date. Feeling good about yourself and anticipating their arrival. You know that feeling when butterflies are bouncing around your tummy and you can’t wipe that inane grin off your face? It’s wonderful!

Anything could happen, you’re open, ready, willing and able. Now think marketing…

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Press Release: We Are Blackheath

The powers of social media and collaboration have been widely reported in the news this week. The media have covered the story of Van Applegate, the American man promoting his town. His story was even shared by Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki. We Are Blackheath is born of the same vibe, with two main objectives:

To promote local businesses
To support and promote local events and community happenings.

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Do you use ‘bespoke’ in your web copy?…

think again

I’m not at all keen on the word bespoke. It’s completely overused and mostly…out of context.

‘We use an array of bespoke tools to capture your audience online’
‘Plan your bespoke wedding day with us and make it a day to remember’
“Your bespoke offers provide discounts from some of the biggest brands.”
Ask yourself…

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Going Viral? Top tips for making the most out of popular post or tweet

There is most definitely a certain beauty allowing something to take flight, setting it free, gaining reaction and watching the whole thing spread like wildfire, but getting the best out of the beast you have created can be the one thing that lets you down. Here are my top tips on how to not miss a trick.

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love this – every pub should have one!..

love this – every pub should have one!…#thinkoutofthebox

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One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing by Andrea Britton

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