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The Complete A-Z of Personal #branding by Seth Price

Take a look at this #infographic on personal #branding

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BILLBOARD MENTALITY: 4 tips for getting your email notice.

Email on the move has become so commonplace that we take it for granted, but the fact is that mobile email has become a whole new discipline. Marketers need to understand what this means for them and their content, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

With mobile, the biggest single factor that determines how people respond to an email is context. This means we run the risk of not appreciating the feelings created by the environment that is the main focus of our attention.

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How to become a successful social business

If you are an SME or Startups that knows or understands the importance of social and digital communications within your business, then read on. This is an outline of the directions you should take to keep social at the heart of your journey and be a successful sociable business.

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The Advantages of Being A Social #SME.

For arguments sake, let’s imagine you are savvy, social SME. We can’t all have the budgets of Coca Cola to throw some great campaigns out there to win back business. OK, agreed. Ideas are harder to roll out for SMEs with small marketing budgets but always remember, creativity is a business weapon so the more you have, the more you win and if you haven’t got that yourself, you can buy it and that Is most definitely money well spent!

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The importance of social in business #SMWLDN

Each tech startup wants the end user experience to be as simple and quick as possible. But what happens when they get to 1 click and in?

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Tips for Defending Your Brand with Qualitative Market Research

With the increased competition in the modern globalized marketplace, brand defense is an essential part of securing your place within the market and achieving long-term success. Qualitative research is an effective tool for optimizing or creating brand defense strategies. These tips offer actionable ways for brands in any industry to utilize qualitative research for maximum benefits.

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One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing by Andrea Britton

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