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How long should your social media posts be?

      Read this handy infographic on creating the best social media posts ever!

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How To Influence and Persuade

Read this handy infographic on the 6 elements of influence and persuasion…

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The Truth about #vine

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To mute or ot to mute that is the question..


…Well, not really. My question is actually, What is the point of mute on Twitter?’ As far as I can see, you are still following that person, you can still interact with that person but instead, if you mute them you just don’t see their tweets. Ok – they don’t know this right? So what’s the big deal?…

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Going Viral? Top tips for making the most out of popular post or tweet

There is most definitely a certain beauty allowing something to take flight, setting it free, gaining reaction and watching the whole thing spread like wildfire, but getting the best out of the beast you have created can be the one thing that lets you down. Here are my top tips on how to not miss a trick.

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Want To Rock Linkedin Like No Other?

Not sure where to start with Linkedin? …This should help!

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One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing by Andrea Britton

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