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When Will the #Advertising Bubble Burst?

‘cynicism: ˈan inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; scepticism.’ ‘an inclination to question whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile; pessimism The bones of this word derived from a school of ancient Greek philosophers, the

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The Anatomy of Content Marketing via @webber_karen for @ContentPlus

Most are now realising that Content marketing is one of the finest ways of engaging with and getting a reaction from a specific targeted market. This infographic from Content Plus explores just how successful content marketing can help businesses grow online. Read their blog

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The Advantages of Being A Social #SME.

For arguments sake, let’s imagine you are savvy, social SME. We can’t all have the budgets of Coca Cola to throw some great campaigns out there to win back business. OK, agreed. Ideas are harder to roll out for SMEs with small marketing budgets but always remember, creativity is a business weapon so the more you have, the more you win and if you haven’t got that yourself, you can buy it and that Is most definitely money well spent!

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Calling all Online Marketing Professionals! #socialmedia #marketing #digital

I am currently writing a study to be published and am looking for freelance/small agency online marketers, brand marketers and social media managers that work only with SMEs, startups or individuals to answer the questions below.

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The importance of social in business #SMWLDN

Each tech startup wants the end user experience to be as simple and quick as possible. But what happens when they get to 1 click and in?

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One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing by Andrea Britton

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