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What is in a Domain Name?

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As we hit the silly season, over the next 5 days I will be discussing the importance of your domain name and will be answering the following questions:

  • How important is the name in business?
  • How does the name of your business affect Online Marketing Campaign?
  • Should you change your domain name?
  • Should you use your OWN name for your domain?

The name of your business could make or break your success. It should speak of the expertise, value and uniqueness of your product, service or business.

We are living in the age of the ‘slogan name’ and business owners and brand experts are becoming more and more clever and tongue in cheek than ever.  This is immensely eye catching if you rely on a local following and are bound to be seen by passing trade.  This isn’t so great when you need Google’s help to be found online.

So check back tomorrow where we will be discussing how important your name is.

If you would like advice on your business name then feel free to email me! As it is Christmas, I will be happy to offer my services for free!

Note: OPT will now be blogging Monday to Friday only.


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