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Personable PR Rocks…

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One couldn’t have a marketing blog without flagging this one up.

Maybe you haven’t come across this one. I think this is one of the best pieces of PR I have seen in such a long time.

Little Lily wrote a letter to Mr Sainsburys asking him why the Tiger bread was named so, as she thought it more resembled a giraffe. I actually quite agree with you Lily and so did Lily’s mum.  She thought it was so cute that she posted it up in her blog.

Now I very much doubt that Lily’s mum realized, that by posting the letter up on the world wide web, that it would receive such attention!  You never know people!

Now here’s the question mark.  Did Sainsbury’s PR department’s ears suddenly prick up as they started rubbing their hands?  One would hope so.

Soon Lily’s letter was plastered all over the net, along side Mr Sainsbury’s reply…

perfect pr


Genius.  Pats on the back all round.

Now I love that the Internet has made PR personable again.  If you remember we spoke about…..inXX people are trusting brands that show a human side.  The fact that this little boy wrote into Mr Sainsburys, which I will believe is true, (yes I do believe in Santa Claus) and the fact that he had a reply (albeit stingy – I mean, come on Mr Sainsbury…you could’ve stretched to a tenner?) makes it an affiable and charming act that will get Sainsbury’s tills a ringing.

Well done!

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