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Free Online PR Tips – Your USP

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One of the first things I do when taking on a new client is take a look at their history. It may seem obvious but it is so important to be aware if the journey of a brand/person or business before you advise them on how to proceed.

  • How did the company/idea start?
  • How did you get it off the ground?
  • What are your ups and downs to date?
  • what do you think of your business?

One of the reasons people bring in PR to help their business grow is that a fresh  eye can make all the difference.  That third party  may just pick up on something that has been missed or a necessary element that will improve the service, reach out to a new market of people etc.

All successful companies have a unique selling point (USP). Something that sets them apart from their competitors. It could be a way in which they provide their service, a product that is slightly different from the rest, a family run restaurant rather than a chain, or ‘our telephone has a 5 mega-pixel camera’ as opposed to a 4′ – you get the idea.  More so nowadays, individuals with a personal and honed contact list are able to exploit that for a potential profit. As our man said in my post “You’re not a social media expert…” you have celebs now running off and doing something splendid with their 24.5K Twitter count.  Some people do good things, some bad. Unfortunately.

Anyway – once that USP is found, the world is your oyster and it is up to you to employ the most creative and imaginative skills/people to achieve your goals.

Brainstorming your brand is a must.

  • When was the last time you sat down with friends and talked about the pro’s and con’s of what you do?
  • When was the last time you asked a few honest people what THEY think you could do to improve your business?
  • When was the last time you were honest about your own business?

Find your USP by asking people you trust for honest answers and make sure it’s a good one!

What are your USPs? and what makes you different from your competitors?  We’d love to hear!


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