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Do you have a Facebook page?..Read these tips!

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So you have a Facebook page, but have you  thought about doing any of these handy tips?

  1. Design a good product page (600X200 pixel photo)
  2. Post interesting and original comments and tell your tale
  3. Use page as a viral blog
  4. Offer your fans something for free
  5. A ‘call to action’ button is something that people are using now to recruit new fans. Use a good one on your page.
  6. Ask your followers to invite their followers.
  7. Always link and link back to your twitter and you tube channels. You can add the apps on Facebook so they show up on your sidebar.
  8. Use your events page, even if you don’t throw your own.  Lock on to something relevant and promote it,
  9. Engage your fans and get them to be involved in your next venture
  10. Get fans to tag pictures
  11. Use links in apps to keep all your posted links accessible
  12. Design a custom landing page so new followers have to like your page before they can read.
  13. Post up relevant content that leads somewhere.  i.e your top ten films of 2012 etc.
  14. The people that you have ‘liked’ are also important, interact with them and promote their pages on yours.
  15. Always try to stay in touch with your ‘likes’
  16. Always try to be in touch with your peers and follows.
  17. Keep abreast of your insights and analyse what is working and engaging people on your page.

What are the best Facebook Pages you have come across?


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