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The Art of Self Promotion (5 of 5) Do you need inspiration?

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As we have already mentioned, the art of promoting oneself or ones business is entirely up to you.

Are you a great party guest? Do you get inundated with Christmas cards? Do people come to you for advice often? If you answered yes to these questions then you will have a head start on marketing your product, brand or service.

Chances are you won’t go steaming in and introduce yourself and what you are selling immediately, you will take into consideration the advice on the OPT blog pages and woo your future clients before offering them the service you are providing. But what if you hit a brick wall?
What if you run out of ideas, time and inclination?

Well then that is the time to either pay for some consultancy*, pay for someone else’s ideas for a period of time, or collaborate with others.
Ill be talking more about collaboration next week but, either way, you clearly need inspiration and a shoulder!

The social media trap can be a minefield sometimes, and it you are feeling bogged down, invariably you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be others in the same boat. Source them out! Chat about your woes and ask for help! You know a good chat normally solves things!

Promoting ones self does not certainly always have to be presented in a positive way. Remember the world loves a trier and will get behind you and support you when you are struggling. Plus you benefit too!

Ok – slight sarcasm, but all you have to do is look at X Factor (love that article!) and you can guess that the contestant with the heartier sob story will win over the audience.

It’s totally ok to ask questions, be honest about where you are at and also to be able to have a rant about something pressing! You know that may just open a few doors too!

Do leave a comment on this page and feel free to rant away here too!

* OPT is run by Andrea Britton. Please visit For Consultancy and Social Media Managment or, if you would like a one off consultancy breakdown, please email for fees.


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