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What you can learn from your competitors? Groups and Networks (2 of 5)

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So yesterday we spoke about your business allies therefore we have an idea of what their uses of Twitter and Facebook are.  Another avenue to research is which networks and groups do these companies belong to? Have they any of their own?

  • It seems obvious, but instead of picking up the latest best seller before you visit the land of nod, mooch around the groups of your comrades and interact.
  • Introduce yourself as if you just walked into a room and offer helpful comments and advice on discussions and topical content.
  • Get involved and be proactive.
  • Ask questions and keep your eyes and ears open for movement and other ways in which you can be indispensable.
  • Join their mailing lists so you can be a part of their campaigns and read the content they are sending out.

The come back from this is incredible. Not only does your sense of worth become alive, you are building a loyal fan base for the future. Read on and learn what marketing strategies your fellow industry workers are using.

Tomorrow we will speak about collaboration!


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