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What can you learn from your competitors? Following Campaigns (4 of 5)

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What marketing is your fellow industry colleagues using? Can you suggest tips for those behind you?

Work out who your power players are. The big boys. The ones that you look up to, the next level. Follow them closely, observe what tricks they use in their marketing, use google alerts to track their progress over a period of time. Get involved with them, and support their goals and achievements. Become a giver and watch the kind of responses you get in return.

Follow Online marketing activities around the world. You can decipher what works and what doesn’t if you use google alerts to locate and follow similar businesses. Check the demographics of your peers. Who is their target audience? Male? Female? Age? Location? Hobbies? Etc.

Compare this to yours and be clever. There will still be people carrying the old fashioned work ethic of ‘get what they need out of you and deliver nothing in return’. As mentioned in our post ‘The Art of Self Promotion” we have to adopt a new way of thinking to succeed.

Of course, be selective in what you share but the main thing is to present an online profile and a trusting, loyal and informative image.  How creative you wish to be is up to you!


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