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Write a short guest post and reach 10000 followers!

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  • Hi Josh,

    I agree with every word. The ‘I have 10,000 Facebook Likes’ is another myth. These ‘likes’ are NOT customers and very rarely will transpire into a sale. It doesn’t matter how many likes you have on your pages, its about quality not quantity.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Josh, would you be up for writing a guest post for us?!

    Have a great day!


  • I would like to address the small to medium size businesses who are promoting through social media sites. This can be a huge asset or a complete waste of time if you don’t do things right.

    Rule #1 DON’T SELL your products on through posts on social media. Far to often I see businesses trying to generate sales from social media sites and it becomes almost like social spamming. People are on twitter and facebook for the social reasons, and if you have a business they like they may like your page but if you try to sell them everyday they will unlike you. Unless you are a restaurant people don’t want to hear about your specials, at least not very often.

    Rule #2 Be interesting. Shares and likes come from interesting photos and novel comments. If you have a lot of followers create a poll about something funny but again refer to rule #1 at all times. This can create a good conversation between your fans so be ready to respond and participate in the discussion. Oh an if you like to take pictures of your new and interesting products and you are not on pinterest you’re missing.

    Rule #3 Be active without being annoying. Social Media sites need to be accessed and updated every so often to prevent search engines from thinking your links are dead, but not everyday. Know your business and be honest with yourself. If you are a doctors office or attorney chances are you don’t have much to say, so every week or so refer to rule #2. For a high fashion shoe store you do have something interesting to show almost everyday (again get on pinterest). Create relationships in your community, and small businesses stick together. Like other small businesses pages and they will like you back, make comments, be active. Its not all about making posts, you need to be active and ACTUALLY connect with people and appear to be a little bit less of a robot. A good strategy for many small businesses is to focus on one social media site per day.

    Rule #4 Be smart about it. Social media is a great aid but for most businesses it does NOT replace marketing efforts. More often than not social media is about branding and keeping your name out there but it is not a direct sales generator (restaurants are a different animal). Keep doing what you have always done but add socia!l media to the mix. Interesting enough if you treat it this way you will bring more people to your site and drive more sales. Less is more

    Rule #5 Be efficient. You need to run a google plus, facebook, twitter, linked in, and possibly pinterest and others. Chances are you have a business to run and don’t have enough time to manage it all. If you have an employee watching the front desk with time to help you out let them run your social media sites while they are not busy. Productivity is essential for any small business and this will keep your employee engaged. But before you do have them read Rule 1-4!

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