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Guest Post: Do’s & Dont’s When Creating a Product Giveaway Contest in Social Media

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competitions using social mediaThis weeks guest post comes from Tim Brown. Tim is a marketer and a keen blogger. Over the last 4 years, Tim has published numerous posts on how to effectivelly promote your brand using social media, effective promotional gifts and advertising.

“No one will be surprised to know that social media nowadays have a dramatic impact on business’s success since it creates many opportunities and business prospects. But, the higher the benefits, the greater are the risks of getting smashed if the social media strategy is not effective. It is important to know that social media is all about people and effective communication with them.

Everyone loves to get free stuff and companies take advantage of this. They create giveaway contests in order to increase their brand’s awareness, create interactive communication with their consumers, and generate or boost their website’s traffic. In order to generate more traffic and consumer responses, you should know about the various rules to create effective contests in social media.

Here are some points to help you in this regard:


1. Every product has its own features and roles. Everything can’t be benefited from social media. Set a goal for your contest; know what you will gain from the giveaway contest, and how much you will be benefited from it. Read the nature of your product in detail and make sure that you will ultimately be benefited from the social media contest. If not, then go for some other marketing strategy.

2. Decide the nature of the giveaway contest. There are different types of contests running on different social media. Choose an appropriate type that would help you to achieve your goal.

3. Read the numerous dos and don’ts of the social media that you chose to run a contest on. Every medium has its own terms and policies.

4. Decide on how much you can give through your contest and for how long your contest will run.

5. Promote your contest on a daily basis so that more people can participate and to ensure that your product gets more attention. Use different media for your contest, besides employing facebook and twitter.

6. Be innovative and design an interesting contest which would attract people.

7. Calculate the impact of the contest and ascertain how well it would go once it is viral on social media.


1. Don’t make your contest a complicated one; make it a sweet and simple contest for the consumers with some tempting prize.

2. Do not be a bad listener; listen to different suggestions and also to the feedback of your consumers.

3. Don’t forget your plan in between of all the work. In managing this giveaway contest, don’t forget the major goal of the contest. Make sure you achieve that goal through your campaign.”

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