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Are You Getting The Most Of Your Transactional Emails? @EasydashSMTP

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Guest Post: Easy SMTP: If you’re an online marketer who has an existing base of users or customers for your site or application, then you’re almost certainly sending out regular transactional emails and possibly not taking full advantage of them.

First, what are transactional emails? Well, they’re the entire plethora of one at a time messages that are sent to your customers as a result of specific interactions with your site. These could include e-receipts, renewal notices, welcome emails, shipping and order confirmations or comment and password change notifications.

In contrast to bulk promotional email campaign messages, your transactional emails are based on specific user transactions and sent based on these transactions.

This is where the incredible sales boosting power of transactional emails is found and we’re now going to cover why you should expand your existing email marketing campaign to take the maximum possible advantage of them.

The Power of Transactional Emails

As this excellent little infographic by the email management company Easy SMTP shows, transactional messages have the advantage of open and click rates that completely blow promotional emails out of the water.

easySMTP_infographic_smallThe average transactional message is opened from the recipient’s inbox at a rate of over 100% and enjoys unique clicks on its internal content links that go as high as 17% or more. This is in sharp contrast to what you can usually expect from your bulk mail campaigns, which get average open rates of 15% and click rates of only 3%.

In a world where over 191 billion emails are sent to inboxes every day and where the average email user gets flooded by 48 business or personal emails per day, conversion rates like those of transactional messages are incredibly hard to come by and worth a lot in terms of marketing usefulness. Because of their direct relevance to activity that a user is actually engaged in and the fact that they are being sent out to give practical information relevant to that activity, transactional emails simply get much more favorable attention than other kinds of business email.

This is why you need to take specific steps to make the most of your transactional messages, even if you already have an existing bulk promotion mailing campaign in place. In essence, you need to use their core transactional nature as a vehicle for some extra marketing on the side.

Using your Transactional Emails to Maximize Sales and Conversions

While your transactional messages have to maintain their essential transaction-specific character and must keep subject lines that relate to their specific transaction in order to be compliant with the CAN SPAM Act, you can still modify them in several clever ways that will let you use them for marketing.

As shown in the infographic, the following strategies for improving the marketing power of your transactional messages we’re analyzed by Easy SMTP across its customer base and had their specific effectiveness at raising revenue and conversions tracked. They demonstrably work well.

Serialize your transactional messages

By breaking down a welcome email or some other more complex transactional message into a series of smaller messages which each deliver their own piece of important information to your customer, you can increase the number of transactional emails you send across the board. Doing this will give you more opportunities for delivering marketing messages and has been shown to boost revenues by as much as 13%

Say “Thank You” and personalize as much as possible

A simple and heart felt “thank you” message in the subject line and/or body of your transactional messages –especially those that revolve around a customer purchase or order renewal—has been shown to create click through increases of 35%! Increasing unique clicks doesn’t get any easier than this.

Furthermore, by personalizing each message as much as possible by using each recipients name and referring to their previous interactions with your site you can boost unique clicks by an additional 41%.

Don’t forget to cross sell!

When you’re sending out transactional messages that confirm an order or include an e-receipt for purchases, take advantage of the opportunity to cross sell that they also give you. Recommend additional products or services that complement what your users already paid for and watch your sales grow by as much as 20% or more.

Finally, be social

You’ve almost certainly developed a social media presence for your business –or at least you really should have—so show it off wherever you can, including in your transactional email messages. Include social sharing buttons for your business profiles in each email. SMTP found that doing this increased unique clicks by a hefty 55%.

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