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Do you use ‘bespoke’ in your web copy?…

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I’m not at all keen on the word bespoke. It’s completely overused and mostly…out of context.

  • ‘We use an array of bespoke tools to capture your audience online’
  • ‘Plan your bespoke wedding day with us and make it a day to remember’
  • “Your bespoke offers provide discounts from some of the biggest brands.”

I’m not a great fan of word fashion either, but there’s no getting a way from a ‘buzz word’ unfortunately.  But, for the sake of humanity, may I suggest if you are using ‘bespoke’ in your web content, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my tools really ‘hand made’ and ‘customised’ to capture audiences online? Because unless you have developed something Google hasn’t, I very much doubt it.
  • Will the wedding be that different to most, when hiring a big white dress and a manor house in the country? Ahem.
  • Will the offers I deliver be custom made for each individual using my site? Or will most people get the same offers delivered?

If you answered ‘No’ to those questions, I would suggest using a different approach altogether.

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