Exercise Your Online Smile

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Picture this. You’re sat in your friends front room with a coffee and they are reminiscing on their recent holiday. Where they stayed, what they ate, who they met, what they liked and disliked. If you’re lucky enough, you may get to sit through a tirade of holiday snaps.


Smile cemented, eyes bright, cheeks slightly achy, you sound interested, ask an appropriate question every now and then and compliment them no end on what a lovely time they must have had. This doesn’t mean that your mind hasn’t wondered or you are not thinking about what you want for tea.

Online conversation is no different. Just because you are chatting online, it doesn’t mean that you can multi, multi, multi task. The person on the other end will know if you are smiling and interested. Fact. It’s so easy to answer quickly, without thinking, while you are answering a few emails, chatting to your colleague or reading your favourite blog. Next time you reply to a post, an email or comment on someone’s link, picture their face (if you know what they look like – and if you don’t picture your boss) and give them the time they deserve. Elaborate on what you would normally write and talk to them as if they were in the room with you.

Words are important. So are people. Make them feel like they’ve been listened to and understood. All the time.


Look Further…

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You could live on a small Island for years and still come across the undiscovered if you open your eyes and really see. How many times have you taken pictures of somewhere when you’re away to show your friends where you’ve been? Let me guess, ‘this is the view’ ‘this is the bedroom’…’check out what I ate for dinner’!

That’s OK..but have you given a thought to your poor friend who has to look through these images?…How many of you would actually take photos of elements of your environment to give the viewer a feeling of where you are? The petals on the fresh flowers, the silky shiny bed spread hem, the succulent sheen of the tasty sauce on your plate… rather than a boring straight image?

Look deeper, think of how your reader will feel and get value from what you have to say. Warmth, happiness, joy, sadness, anger…will they salivate?

This also translates to your brand, business or service. Your website, blog, tumblr or Facebook page.

Look further.




Distant Sun…

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After a holiday…as we are carefully placed by the airline like the penultimate jigsaw piece in a puzzle and slipped into our usual existence, should we view it as such? The dream is over. The grind begins?

Exploring the colloquialisms of human behaviour and instinctively feeling that something has to end as something begins, is relevant but not key. Why not see ‘the trip’ as a continuous part of our existence? Another space where we take our art, ourself. Is this far more inspired? Certainly less of the ‘coming back down with a bump’?

Therefore, until the next time, the sun maybe hidden, or further away, but we are right where we are and there we will always be.