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6 Customer Service Rules to Follow Every Time

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It disturbs me that some companies are putting folk ‘in charge’ of Twitter and Facebook without a fully written strategy or guidelines. It also disturbs me that customer facing social accounts are not being treated as such.

I would like to reiterate that, if you are a B2C business with a service on offer or a product to sell your social media accounts will become more and more important as far as customer service. Give each conversation the time it deserves imagine that person is in front of you and stick to the following:

Answer each query with respect.

Why? This could be a potential customer. This could be a new friend! This could be someone that will help you in ways you have never even thought of. Its also the way you should treat everybody.

Generate a two way conversation.

Creating a conversation allows many things. It allows you to get to know the person you are speaking to. An insight into their lives, needs etc. It enables you to understand things about that person that you wouldn’t necessarily know before. Trust starts to build, both parties gain. Forgotten how to have a conversation? Read this.

Always come across with humility, authenticity and be happy, open, honest and helpful.

This goes without saying right? No. You would be surprised how many of my clients come across rudely. Stop, re-read what you have written and ask yourself, would I be happy if I received this?

Establish a relationship with your new potential customer.

Open dialogues that allow both parties to come back at each other for a reason or two is success. You want to make a ‘fan’ out of this person or learn perhaps why they wouldn’t want to ‘fan’ you to understand your demographic fully.

Ask them if there is anything you can do to make their life easier.

Im not going to explain this one.

Always put your customer in a place of choice.

It’s up to them, it’s their choice, you are merely a messenger. Someone who is truthfully and transparently passing on information and helpful advice about your company. You haven’t yet, got something they want, so don’t act like you have.


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What industry has lied to us most?

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I’m interested. What industry has lied to us, the consumer, most? I mean, obviously they had help so the Advertising industry has a lot to answer for –  but could it be the Beauty industry and their lotions and potions? Healthcare? Pharmaceutical? Property? Publishing? What do you think?

Lying is dying. Fact. Social Media and the digital world is making sure of that, slowly but surely and I’ve been ranting on about this for years. Big brands are becoming more transparent and they are having to fake it, because they couldn’t possibly meet each and every one of their followers – obviously, the only way the get to know their extensive audiences is via data. They learn, what you love, what you buy, who you talk to etc. Small business can learn from this (but please only take the good stuff).

You need to get a good data collection strategy together. Next week I’ll explain why in more detail and give you an idea on where to start but in the meantime, read the ‘still very releavant’ Forbes article (2013) about how small business could collect data and understand from the beginning.

It’s time to move your business into the correct century. People want more out of you now. They have grown up, they know your tricks, and they won’t fall for them. Would you? Treat your customers with respect and don’t lie. Come on, face it…do YOU honestly think that a pot of cream is going to wipe your wrinkles away? or that your house is worth THAT much? or you will feel fantastically free if you drive a Mitsubishi?

I know I certainly wouldn’t choose an expresso over George Clooney. Ahem.

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10 Things Twitter Can Do For Your Business Today

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It’s not just about brand exposure and engagement, its not about selling yourself. Twitter is a multidimensional network and you are not getting the most out of it unless you are doing the following…

1. Get the latest news, trends and popular chats in your industry.
2. Search hashtags popular to your business or interest and joining those conversations.
3. Introduce people that could be useful to each other or you.
4. Get others opinions on trends, news, hot topics and popular TV shows.
5. Connect directly with current customers/followers/fans

6. Gain valuable feedback from those that matter to you.

7.Reward your followers with specific offers/discounts and freebies

8. Send folk to different parts of your website with an engaging tweet.

9. Become your first point of call for customer service.

And lastly, (If you want it then you gotta put a hashtag on it…oh oh oh!)
10. Learn how the simple hashtag can open your Twitter experience and gain you some real valuable ground. For Example; Search events in your area right now by putting a hashtag in front of your town’s name. Join a #twitterchat for your industry, location or hobby. Search hot topics with a hashtag congruent to your industry.

For a smart evaluation on your Twitter activity and a 12 month strategy – Get in touch and this time next year you will see visible results!