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Twitter Tricks (5 of 5)…Introducing Market Me Suite

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“An all in one social media dashboard packed with amazing features”

After a week’s worth of OPTs Twitter Tricks – we believe we have saved the best until last!

We have mentioned social oomph a blog or two ago – well this takes that to the next level but is totally free.  Each one slightly differs in navigation so it really is down to taste, which you prefer.

We also haven’t covered the use of location with twitter and other social media sites.  If you are business that works on a local level, then you simply must ground yourself within your local area, make sure everyone knows where you are and what you do!

Market Me Suite is absolutely vital for any small businesses, desperately trying to avoid the time wasting suction of what is social media!  Also anyone that manages this area themselves, this will be your friend!  It targets location and also integrates with Linked In.

Some of the other features:

  • Dashboard tools to start conversations follow people.
  • Brand yourself and put yourself on the social media map
  • You can look after multiple profiles
  • Algorithm controlled following strategies
  • Schedules to Twitter & Facebook
  • Reply campaigns
  • RSS tweets
  • Email your @ mentions
  • Great use with Android and iPhone’s. Plus many more

And at OPT like because it’s free, as all good information should be!

Follow their blog here:

Follow them on twitter here:!/marketmesuite #! / marketmesuite
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Twitter Tricks (4 of 5)…Introducing Trends

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Trends on Twitter identifies the most popular news stories and hot topics from across the globe. You can also just search for stuff that is trending on a local basis.  All you have to do is change your location.

There is a snapshot of the most tweeted along the sidebar on your computer screen or on your mobile, on the search screen.

Trends can be used for:

  • Finding out information in real time.
  • Participating in topics that grab your attention
  • To find new friends interested in the same stuff as you
  • To generate leads for your business in the same manner.

And at OPT like because it’s free, as all good information should be!

We also like these accompaniments: –  world news twitter style. – tracking the latest twitter trends – receive, send tweets and find new friends without reloading the page!

è gratis, come tutti una buona informazione dovrebbe essere!
Online PR and Marketing, Social Media, THE BLOG, Twitter

Twitter Tricks (3 of 5) Introducing Social Oomph

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“Another fantastic, free social media tool that can boost your results and save you time”  OPT

First launched as ‘Tweet Later” Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets. Blogs and manage your follows among other things. If you are like us and manage plenty of twitter accounts, blogs and sites it is an essential part of your life!

Also – it enables you to sit down at a convenient time and plan your weeks social media updates, then forget about them!

We at OPT like it because;

  • It’s free, as all good information should be! (although for pro’s there is an option for a fee)
  • You can set up automatic direct messages, on rotation, (DMs) to your new follows
  • You can vet your new follows before following them back automatically
  • You can set up keyword alerts
  • View @mentions and retweets efficiently
  • You can add to your profile within social oomph to give your follows a more detailed view of your business
  • You can track the links you make

Social Oomph not only sorts your twitter out, you can also schedule updates on your status and wall on Facebook. Saving you TIME!

Join here:

Follow the guys that are responsible at @socialoomph

Read their blog here:


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