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Twitter Tricks…1 of 5…Introducing Paper.Li


“We are convinced that everyone has something to share, and so they should!” Recently nominated ‘Mashable Award’s Finalist’ in the category ‘up and coming social media service’ for 2011 and we at OPT understand why! Paper Li is a content curator service for Twitter enabling people to publish newspapers based on the topics they are interested in.  A great way of passing the best of what you read to your ‘follows’.  It also teaches you, as mentioned in my first ever blog, ‘Think Now, Tweet Later“, the patience and certainty to create content wisely for your readers and does all the hard work for you! – All you have to do is choose where you want to get the feeds from! Paper Li is based at the Swiss Federal Institute but with a fast growing presence around Europe, Asia and the US. It’s most definitely time to jump on board.

  • Its personal, so you choose what content you share.
  • It’s free, just as good information should be and
  • it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

You log in with Twitter and are you are then, given a choice on how to create your paper.  Get going and share the best of the best!

Read Online Pr Tips newspaper here:

The guardian says, ‘Taking the feeds and links we follow online and reformatting them in a print format seem a gimmick to start with, but part of the pleasures of print is a linear reading experiences, there’s a beginning and an end and a satisfaction from feeling you’ve read everything that matters at one point in time.’

Check out their own blog here:

Follow the guys that are responsible at @smallrivers

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Sunday Soother…what to do when you are tracking social media sites


Our Saturday Social Media Tips will surely help you head in the right direction when tackling your social media campaign, but once you have this information you have to get in the habit of keeping track of it all.  Stuff like…

  • The number of comments you have.
  • The number of views for your videos and pictures
  • The number of stars your post or video has  – have your readers rated you?
  • How many have stumbled/DIGG’d your articles etc.
  • What keywords are hot right now?

Who said you never needed Maths when you left school!? Pfff

Depending on the numbers you get for these success elements, you can check on your progress in social media marketing.

For more advanced users of Twitter, lets you follow and track trends.

Now you can get creative! – How will certain trending words be relative to your business?  Can you nudge certain phrases to work for your marketing? here’s an example