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How to make your website work for you!

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Websites are also a huge part of the broken chains.  Just because you have spent time and/or good, honest money on what you think is a decent website, doesn’t mean that you will automatically rise through the ranks on Google and be at the front of the shop window for all to see.

Some of the most basic web pages, with full SEO rich content are the most popular, because of the SEO work that has gone into it. So many people spend all their time on a great website. Flash and other sorts of exciting, design based content are being phased out because Google doesn’t recognize it anymore.

One thing is for sure, you need time and huge amounts of patience and commitment.  Followers, customers and clients DO NOT happen while you are sleeping!

Ask yourself this question; ‘when you are searching for something online, what are the sites that grab your attention most’? here’s my opinion

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How to find your current Keywords!


In our last post – we asked; if your content lacks good, strong keywords then how do you expect others to find you?

Keywords are basically the words that your customer/client would type into Google to find you.  If you were a catering company, I would take a guess that ‘catering hire’, book caterer’, ‘party food’ and ‘event catering’ to mention a few are up there towards the top of the keyword ladder.

They are vital words and mostly come in pairs, to add into your content on your webpages.  If you wish to get technical, there are strategies as to where these keywords should be placed in your content as this helps Google and other search engines find your site easily.

Nowadays, once you know this much, the rest is at your fingertips and Google provide fantastic tools with analysis for you to keep on top of your niche’s keywords.

Here are 3 Tools OPT cant live without: read on

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Your social media journey starts here!


More small businesses are using social media as a means to develop their business and generate leads. They use it to:

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Promote company brand
  3. Communicate their company news
  4. Keep in touch with their current customers

The main faux pas of most small businesses from our research is a lack of understanding of how social media can help them. Whether that be born of fear of ‘moving with the times’, a lack of creativity or just laziness, ultimately the business will suffer if you don’t jump on board!

Make it a habit.  Begin your day with a hour of writing, or if it’s easier for you, use your voice recorder and edit later. more…