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Download your free Blog Editorial Calendar

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I have put together a simple Blog Editorial Calendar for your to download. Spending a little time planning your content for the year will not only save you time in the long run but also create a stronger brand perception to your audience. When creating your calendar, think about the following…

1. What do you want to say to them? Are you offering information? Stats? Discounts? Offers? Knowledge? Amusement?…

2. How do you want to say it? Via Articles? White Papers? Infographics? Links? Images? Virals?…

Monitor throughout the year and keep notes on your levels of engagement. Who liked it, shared it, who commented etc. and at the end of the year, take some time to look back on your content and measure what worked and what didn’t.

Good luck!

Download Here! Editorial Calendar Template

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Don’t Lose Your Way…

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I created a new bookmark folder the other day, Things to Do. I’ve started putting places I want to visit, books I want to read, restaurants I want to try out etc. A kind of bucket list. Its really good to remind yourself of the things you want to do in life. Let’s face it, you are more likely to actually do them if they are in a list on your desktop!  It not only gives you a kind of draft strategy to achieve them but it also reminds you of who you are and what inspires you and that, I believe is vital to your happiness.


Well the same goes for your business. Get that list of goals and objectives sorted, manage it properly and visualise the success. Go get ’em, it’s all there for the taking!

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The New Age of Customer Service

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Small Businesses listen up! If you aren’t utilising social media for your customer service it’s about time you did! You can deliver this via many channels and numerous ways, according to the type of business or service you provide. Check out the following for some tips!

1. Once you have had dealings with a customer or client – how about dropping them a direct tweet (@joebloggs) saying thank you for their custom or to ask how they are finding your product or service. You will then have an instant connection and they will most probably follow you back. This is certainly not stalking, if you were a blacksmith back in the old days and bumped into your customer on the street, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

2. Monitoring your companies mentions and relevant hashtags is not only necessary for lead generation but also enables you to connect with folk that have used you, bought from you or are likely to. Even if the mention is a negative one, see this as an opportunity to engage in a positive way.

3. Create a call to action so your customers and potential customers can connect with you on Facebook. Reward you customers with discounts and vouchers if they like your page. Engage with them on their page and join groups and discussion they partake in.

4. Be consistent and quick. There is nothing worse than asking someone a question online and having to wait days for a response.

5. Be open, transparent and friendly. Always.