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Try Before You Buy…then FLY!


It goes without saying that we all would like the option to try before we buy, not only would it earn immediate trust and loyalty from our customers, but it gives them a CHOICE.

We live in a world nowadays where (and some may argue) that there are too many choices. Pfff.

I disagree and I love that there are numerous amounts of choices in our everyday lives. I love that you can change your career at the drop of a hat, or fly off to distant lands in a day or bag a much sort after’s clients digits like, yesterday – but let’s face it choice is important.

So many small businesses are adopting the ethic, as I am, of giving stuff away.  Whether it is a tester product, prizes via competitions, a free haircut from your salon, or just simple information. If you have something that is worth something to someone else, then you have something to give away.  This will ensure your client base not only returns, but trusts you – hell, let’s go the whole hog and say they even quite like you! read on…