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Facebook is Brilliant! Here Are The Reasons Why…

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An excerpt from “One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing”

“Facebook has changed the way we use the internet and hold on to your hat’s folks, the updates that will soon come into play will mean that you probably won’t even need to come out of Facebook once you have logged in.  You will soon be able to browse the Internet within Facebook’s pages and buy, sell and utilize all these amazing extra functions.  That said, right now, that feels to me like going on an all-inclusive holiday to Cuba and never seeing the rest of the country while you are there but still, my faith in the Facebook powers that be, I’m sure,  will prevail.

Many people don’t utilize Facebook in the right way.  Fact.  They have an account, get the pictures bit and the status’s updates and can even suggest one friend to another, but since Facebook introduced pages and upgraded the software for pages, there really is no stopping you. (more…)

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Google+ Vs Facebook..who will come out on top?


Our Wednesday post comes from Chris Brooker (@codecraftonline)  a professional web development company based in Leeds, UK.

2012 will be the year of social search. When Google created their first search engine, they had no idea how to make money from it.  The answer turned out to be incredibly simple, since they know what you’re interested in, and what you’re thinking about at the moment your fingers hit the keyboard.  For instance, if you’re thinking of buying a new car, and you want to find the latest reviews online, you tell Google, they search the web, and give you a list of links you might be interested in reading.  It’s easy to see how in this example, how valuable it would be for car manufacturers and dealers to be able to advertise to you right when you’re thinking about new cars, and so the search giant set about creating their AdWords™ system to allow advertisers to buy space on their site. (more…)