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Marketing Plan – the basics


Monday, we talked about strategy vs plan.  Today’s post is all about the plan and what it should include.  This is based on a traditional Marketing plan.  Now we are talking about online business and PR here. Let’s not forget, but this kind of plan can be implemented as such, as long as the bones are all in place!

It should include:

  • Details of your product or service and its Unique Selling Point
  • Pricing
  • Target Market
  • Analysis
  • Sales and distribution plan
  • Advertising and promotions plans.

If you work under these six headings you should not go wrong!  Every business, whether big or small should implement a marketing plan.  It’s the only thing that will drive you forward.  You will notice the tiniest of changes that affected sales, response, etc. and without the feedback, you will not get any better at what you do!  Don’t be afraid to ask people what they think of your business!

So let’s start at the beginning. (more…)