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“Andrea is a Social Media specialist who excelled in communicating our company’s brand core values as well as connecting our company with others through a variety of online platforms. Andrea was on top of online topical news stories, relating to our industry, everyday which added another angle to our marketing strategy which kept our business current.” Tom Wates, DLB LTD

“An inspiring company which gets results. Can’t recommend Online PR enough” Lucy Jenner, Lucy Jenner Brown PR

“Andrea rocks as our PR person, we need bullying and she bullies us perfectly. Nice one Andrea” Mike Parry, Displayblock

“Back in December I opened my own bar/restaurant (The Reach Bar and Kitchen). With opening and in general good PR and getting the word spread fast is one of the most important things you must address. I was put in touch with Andrea (Online PR UK) and after one meeting knew she was the right person for the job. Her contacts and experience in Branding and PR are endless and she goes beyond the mile. I can honestly say my business has grown week by week and already, only 4 months after opening, my business is a success. So, Thanks Andrea!” James Akenhead, The Reach Bar & Kitchen

“NoScrunchie found out about Online PR UK after reading Andrea’s book. (It’s a great book if you are a social media virgin like I was). We worked with her for the duration of our contract during which time she was relentless at getting our name out there. She got us noticed by lots of blogs in our target market as well Black Hair magazine, one of the leading glossy magazines read by our TM. She did a lot of blogging for us as well handling all our social media. Given that she is not from our TM, she did a lot in understanding what it involved and connecting with all involved. We hired her to get women with afro hair to think NoScrunchie as soon as they think ‘find an afro salon’ and that she definitely achieved.”

Leillah Sekalala, NoScrunchie.

“I am an American audio book publisher who hired Andrea Britton to round up some contacts in the U.K. Andrea was a genuine pleasure to work with. She was efficient, reliable and her services are very reasonably priced.” Adele Park, publisher of Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book

Andrea created and implemented a great plan for the Guilty Pleasures brand, providing strategies in both PR, Marketing and Brand Development.  I recommend Andrea and her creative, organised mind to anyone that requires the same. A pleasure to work with and we will definitely work together again…”

Sean Rowley, Guilty Pleasures.

“Having worked with Andrea for Guilty Pleasures events at KOKO and beyond, I was bowled over by her knowledge and skill in the occasionally baffling world of online pr and social media. Well baffle no more for she is master of all. 
Not only this, but she is enthusiastic, energetic, packed full of creative ideas and completely transformed the Guilty Pleasures social media world by engaging this online audience and building contacts in a new way that has helped brand GP expand in new and even more fun ways. 
She is cool and confident, patient and flexible and always willing to help out and inject her positive force upon anything that comes her way. 
Andrea is also really good fun, a snappy dresser and has a boat. 
A BOAT. She wins.”

Anna Greenwood, DJ.

“Andrea and her Absolute brand put enormous effort into her contribution to the Vintage at Southbank Festival. Andrea and her team brought real colour and serendipity to the Southbank Centre on that hot weekend in July and really added something unique to the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain celebrations. We will work with Andrea again and suggest you do.”

Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design

“Andrea is brilliant to work with. Proactive, knowledgable and flexible – she also understands the remit quickly and is able to advise different avenues. Her attitude is brilliant and she showed a lot of creativity to get my event out to as any many avenues as possible.  Would highly recommend.”

Ian Escario, Accelera Language

“Andrea compiled a detailed report, which detailed a specific route to follow with regards Social Media. She also gave practical advise such as web sites that can be used etc. I would recommend Andrea’s work without hesitating.

Tony Maclachlan. ” Room Rooster.

Andrea has a broad range of experience across all of the major social media sites. Her insight and creativity was very helpful in planning my marketing strategy.

Francis Wong (Author, Balancer. TBA)

Without Andrea’s insightful & in depth knowledge on social media & online PR I would never have got ‘My Vintage Affair’ off the ground! She has a strong work ethic, is incredibly passionate and was 110 % committed to my brand and the best way to get me seen and heard.

Joanna Gibbs (My Vintage Affair)