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6 Customer Service Rules to Follow Every Time

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It disturbs me that some companies are putting folk ‘in charge’ of Twitter and Facebook without a fully written strategy or guidelines. It also disturbs me that customer facing social accounts are not being treated as such.

I would like to reiterate that, if you are a B2C business with a service on offer or a product to sell your social media accounts will become more and more important as far as customer service. Give each conversation the time it deserves imagine that person is in front of you and stick to the following:

Answer each query with respect.

Why? This could be a potential customer. This could be a new friend! This could be someone that will help you in ways you have never even thought of. Its also the way you should treat everybody.

Generate a two way conversation.

Creating a conversation allows many things. It allows you to get to know the person you are speaking to. An insight into their lives, needs etc. It enables you to understand things about that person that you wouldn’t necessarily know before. Trust starts to build, both parties gain. Forgotten how to have a conversation? Read this.

Always come across with humility, authenticity and be happy, open, honest and helpful.

This goes without saying right? No. You would be surprised how many of my clients come across rudely. Stop, re-read what you have written and ask yourself, would I be happy if I received this?

Establish a relationship with your new potential customer.

Open dialogues that allow both parties to come back at each other for a reason or two is success. You want to make a ‘fan’ out of this person or learn perhaps why they wouldn’t want to ‘fan’ you to understand your demographic fully.

Ask them if there is anything you can do to make their life easier.

Im not going to explain this one.

Always put your customer in a place of choice.

It’s up to them, it’s their choice, you are merely a messenger. Someone who is truthfully and transparently passing on information and helpful advice about your company. You haven’t yet, got something they want, so don’t act like you have.


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Make Customer Service A Priority

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Customer service is necessary for a business or organisation to be successful and maintain a positive reputation. Customer service employees help handle customer issues whether they be in a store, through email or on the phone. Ultimately it would be quite hard for a businesses to survive if they did not have customer service, so there is a great importance to hiring customer service employees and also to ensure that they are trained properly and conduct themselves in a certain way.

There are many important factors that can help inspire to make customer service your number one priority and they include the following:

Consumer Trust

A lot of businesses will find that it is easy to get one time customers. The hard part is trying to retai customers that will keep coming back time and time again. A big part in how this is accomplished is by way of consumer trust. If a customer knows that they have been happy with a product or service in the past they will often come back. What helps build trust even more is great service and if something is wrong, a customer likes to know that something is going to be done about it in a timely manner.

Word Of Mouth

If a consumer trusts a business then they are likely to pass on good information and recommend that business to other people, family and friends. This is how future relationships are built. If a person is unhappy with the customer service they have received then they are likely to have bad things to say and will recommend against a business. The internet allows for people to rate businesses and this information can spread very quickly; good or bad.

Staff Empathy And Ability To Help

In order to provide optimum customer service, staff should possess the proper qualities. Those who fill the roles of customer service employees should be able to empathise with clients and customers. They should also have the desire to help people rather than be difficult or unhelpful.

Product Quality And Reliability

Providing a high quality product or service is vital. Problems will arise even with the best businesses but it will help a business if they have a customer service staff that will quickly address and fix problems. It is also beneficial to have a customer guarantee of some sort. This shows potential customers that you trust the quality of your product.

The Future

There are not many business owners out there that are looking to make some quick money and then disappear. The point of starting a business is to nurture it and watch it grow into something much larger and more successful. Establishing a great level of customer service is imperative to succeeding in the business world. Not only does this help keep customers happy but it also lets people know that you stand behind what you are representing.

Many times customer service is the only contact that a customer or potential client will have with a business or organisation. Essentially a company is not going to survive without customers and there are people who remain very loyal to a company if they are happy with the service that they are receiving. These consumers trust that if an issue comes up they will receive the assistance that they need. For example, KBS Corporate can assist with a number of customer service seeds such as helping with areas of a business like accounting, management, finance and marketing and they can help make customer service your number 1 priority.

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The New Age of Customer Service

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Small Businesses listen up! If you aren’t utilising social media for your customer service it’s about time you did! You can deliver this via many channels and numerous ways, according to the type of business or service you provide. Check out the following for some tips!

1. Once you have had dealings with a customer or client – how about dropping them a direct tweet (@joebloggs) saying thank you for their custom or to ask how they are finding your product or service. You will then have an instant connection and they will most probably follow you back. This is certainly not stalking, if you were a blacksmith back in the old days and bumped into your customer on the street, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

2. Monitoring your companies mentions and relevant hashtags is not only necessary for lead generation but also enables you to connect with folk that have used you, bought from you or are likely to. Even if the mention is a negative one, see this as an opportunity to engage in a positive way.

3. Create a call to action so your customers and potential customers can connect with you on Facebook. Reward you customers with discounts and vouchers if they like your page. Engage with them on their page and join groups and discussion they partake in.

4. Be consistent and quick. There is nothing worse than asking someone a question online and having to wait days for a response.

5. Be open, transparent and friendly. Always.